April 12, 2016

September 2015: Leah and Sam's wedding

It is now spring 2016 and the year is full upon us! Yet this is my first post of '16! Needless to say, I wish I had had more time to post; so many good memories happened last year and already this year....already we've attended a most beautiful wedding and have two more in this same month! 
Weddings are so special and a favourite event of ours ;) so I try to post about each one we are blessed to attend! With the 3 April weddings of friends upon us, I realized I had never posted the pictures from the September wedding of our friend Leah M. and Sam F.! 

We met Leah in 2011 at a homeschool dance and it certainly wasn't difficult to become good friends with her! Anyone who is acquainted with Leah will agree that to know her is to love her! 
Over the years, I always wondered who she would marry and was so excited for her when Sam F. showed up on the scene! They are absolutely perfect for eachother and it was a privilege to attend their wedding! 

The wedding was held at the bride's home and was the perfect outdoor fall wedding! 
friends seated behind our row 

Grandmother and brother of the bride

Mother of the bride

Mother of the groom
I thought this picture sweet :)

Sister of the bride, brother of the groom

Siblings of the bride

friend and brother of the bride

sister of the groom, friend of the groom

friend of the bride, friend of the groom
I loved the colour scheme of blue and orange!

the bride on her father's arm

love this picture!

the ''take care of my daughter or else'' moment :)

the little sister of the bride- love these pictures of her!

I really can't fathom how come some people are so photogenic! 
But one thing I do know: they are so wonderful to photograph! 

Sister of the bride and her husband whose wedding was 2 years ago!

I repeat what I said about photogenic... :)

The parents and the couple prayed together: beautiful moment!

the joy! :)
exchanging rings

and... the kiss! 
the new Mr. and Mrs.!
Congratulations Leah and Sam! May your future be greatly blessed as you keep the Lord the center of your marriage!!! 

receiving line

This reception was delightful: it was held in the same part of the yard as the ceremony and there were delightful campfires here and there for guests to warm themselves by. There is something about fire that is so cozy and relaxing and conducive to good conversation! There was also a buffet of food and salad. 
The cakes were amazing and went perfectly with the wedding style!

As evening fell, the reception became a wonderland with the myriads of twinkle lights forming a canopy above us. 

This lighting...perfection!

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