December 10, 2014

The wedding of Nick and Hannah! October 11th 2014

   It is with great pleasure that I proceed to blogging about that event of great importance, the union of Nick and Hannah Burns! 
I can't explain the pleasure and excitement I feel when I see 
friends's wonderful. 
For this particular wedding, I wasn't able to attend so I will make sure to emphasize that all photo credit goes to Elodie and Sam! And what great pictures they did take!
 I am so excited to show them to you. It looked like a lovely wedding....
Is is time yet? One of the bride's sisters peeks into the sanctuary

Daniel Beckmann sang many beautiful songs for the ceremony

The wedding party begins marching in... Here are Stephen (friend of the groom) and a sister of the bride
Aaron (cousin of the groom) and another sister of the bride
...I'm actually missing about 2 pictures at this point. Meaning, there were a few more people in the wedding party!

Joseph (brother of the bride) and Sara (sister of the groom)!

they get two pictures :) 

The best man Peter (brother of the groom) and the maid of honour ( friend of the bride)!

...and the ring bearer (nephew of the bride) and flower girl (niece of the groom)!
she made it safely to her aunt :) 

The entire wedding party, and the groom awaiting....

The bride

Hannah enters with her father


What a beautiful, beautiful bride!!!

If I had been there, I would have been crying by now (beautiful things make me cry).

At the altar

7 bridesmaids and one little flower girl
pensive bridesmaids


                             I don't know exactly when this came in the program,
                                         but here they are lighting the unity candle

Getting the ring from the looks like a Norman Rockwell painting or something. :)

The ring seems to be recalcitrant

                                                                         ''I thee wed''

I just can't believe how much like a princess she looks!

I think they're excited! :)

you may now....
Their first kiss! I love the Pastor's face :) 

                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Burns!!!

                           The wedding party exits (Daniel Beckmann is the singer)

hugs all around! :)
....and then time to head over to Forest Park for a reception!
One must always take a few portraits in Forest Park of course!

The wedding cake

Cutting and tasting the wedding cake


          a small guest

And they're off!!! (in style! :) )
Blessings to you, Nick and Hannah!!! 

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