September 26, 2014

Independence Day 2014...PICTURES! :)

  Are you ready for another post from July? Slowly but surely I am getting these pictures uploaded...and just as slowly and a little less surely the posts are getting written! :)
    I do enjoy doing this blog, but time is scarce so I hope you don't mind reading about events which happened long ago...this post is dedicated to pictures from this year's Independence Day celebration, which was quite a big affair! We were invited by some friends, and were encouraged to invite  our own you can imagine, what with everyone doing that there was a great crowd there that beautiful day!

listening to history about the event
I had a great time taking pictures of people...
One of my favorites from the day!

Another favorite...I need to start an album devoted to pictures of mothers and children...beautiful!

 I love my mother and children pictures!!!:)

American art

Michael read the Declaration of Independence for all to hear

reading along

mischief brews..

 After the presentation, there was plenty of mingling and talking and eating of vittles. (above pic. by someone in my family other than myself. trying to give credit where credit is due!)

Sisters in costume! 

There was a swingset. End of story.

(next several pictures taken by various family members...)

there were trees. good trees.


at least he's wearing a costume, which is better than most! :)
this little guy is too cute!

aww...Scandinavian sweetness :) 

Mr. M.
The guys played a game involving sticks and violence...

Melanie was the referee. I didn't envy her position.

catching up with friends

lining up for battle

haha- Nick's face!

meanwhile, several of the adults kindly sacrificed their time to judge the many pies entered into the pie contest.

I edited a nice picture of the pies being cut but it's lost. So here is the space for the picture when I find it. :)
I made and entered a French Canadian sugar pie. Its contents? Sugar. 
Seriously, this is the most un-Marjo creation ever. Apart from the French-Canadian aspect, which is the only reason I made it. :) 
And it's a good thing I made it...'cause I won a prize for it! Guess what the prize was? A cone of sugar! hmm...

Nikola also made a rhubarb strawberry pie. She entered a different pie; an old fashioned apple rosemary one and won a prize for that!

Nikola getting her prize

Alexa won as well!
this small gentleman had some wise words to share

Near the end of the day, there was some dancing

the politicians talked instead
and some of the younger ones played on the handy-dandy playground
some people continued talking...

Melanie kindly taught and called the dances

the lighting was splendid at this time (my favourite time if anyone was wondering) of the day!

   It was a really enjoyable day, ending with each family rushing off to their individual favourite firework displays! Quite the full, friendly day. And we were grateful for it!

Next from the whole of July in general! I haven't even begun to look at August's pictures! :) fun, fun!
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