April 15, 2014

Canada Day 3- April 12th 2013

(A video Sam put together after our trip; contains impressive footage of our travel and the first couple days in Montreal. I am not responsible for the choice of footage. Unless you are desirous of learning French, you can skip the whole middle part which stars Katia eating lunch at Mamie's. I mean..she is sweet. But there's a limit to how long you can watch a sweet girl eating lunch. Unless you want to learn French from the background conversations.):

April 12th 2013

We have been thrust back in time, back in a wintry world! 
It's lovely, although unnecessary.
On the way from our host's home to our french Grandma's:

Sam entertains Katia with Jessie's dog

The Biosphère is a museum in Montreal dedicated to the environment. It is located at Parc Jean-Drapeau, on Île Sainte-Hélène in the former pavilion of the United States for the 1967 World Fair Expo 67.
We always see the Olympic stadium from 1976 as well. And always take a blurry picture of it. But I hadn't chosen one for this post.  

At Mamie's apartment place. Nikola and Valerie were of course the most important of the grandchildren as they still speak good French and spent more years with Mamie than the rest of us. They talked a lot with her...the rest of us smiled and looked sweet and over-used the words making up our too limited French vocabulary. (we understand perfectly. Just are timid to try speaking for real.)

Mamie is so sweet and caring; we love her.
A common sight in Quebec (meaning both the bicycles and the snow :) )
''Maman'' and son...
we had a wonderful time looking at beautiful old pictures we had never even seen! Our delight was genuine and of course this pleased Mamie. I spent a while taking pictures of these pictures. I love family history.
Mamie- we love this picture! She was so beautiful.

''Papi''- our Dad's father. We thought this a great picture as well!
He passed away several years ago, by the way.

This photo of our Mamie was copied as a painting by a friend of hers:

 It was hard to keep Katia, Laura-Lise, Alexandre...Sam...out of the realm of Mamie's current cat....
meet The Cat. 
Worst temper in the world. 
And after Sam uploaded its portrait on Picasawebalbums, that helpful program sent me an email suggesting I tag this cheerful feline's physiognomy as...myself. 
Oh dear.
I have a feeling that this cat is a super-ESTJ or something.
This is the picture Picasa thought was me.

Today we didn't feel quite as festive or adventurous. And now we sit around with Mamie. And we're wondering how long we can sit around without really moving! I found that luxury, a scale, in Mamie's bathroom and we all had fun weighing ourselves for the first time in years. Of course it consequently feels slightly terrifying to simply...sit. But I have a grand honest cavern in my tum which hopefully is eating away the fat.

Tomorrow will be fun, because we are going to the Cabane A Sucre! I'm going to eat bacon, eggs, maple syrup...:) It's going to be worth it. It's going to be worth it. Seriously.

mirror fun

guess what this means :)
this should help
 we all headed over to our Aunt Sylvie's home where we spent the next few hours.

we won't be getting too many pictures like these during future Aprils! (in Missouri, that is)

To my pleasure, Aunt Sylvie is quite a healthy person and a good cook of healthy food as well! We dined for supper on a full course meal of dark  (marinated) chicken, stir-fried carrots, and beans, roasted new potatoes and bread from the bakery. Ahh...
To my surprise, salad comes after. Then dessert and lastly tea. 

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