June 14, 2012

Author Deborah Alcock

Deborah Alcock
   I have only read six of Deborah Alcock's many books, but each was a spectacular work of historically accurate, exciting Christian historical fiction! Can anything get better than that? I highly recommend these books. I have always loved well-written historically accurate books of adventure, intrigue, excitement, with also a little sadness, a little romance....but of such I have rarely found books which also present a strong Christian message!
I don't believe I am overstating when I say that you will love these books. They appeal to a wide group of ages....although I suggest someone pre-read them for children under the age of 11. And although I am sure a younger child could read them, I assure you they are so well-written in the delightful style of the 19th century so as to appeal to young adults as well. Lastly, they are wonderful reads for both boys and girls! Continue reading my thoughts at end of this post. Thank you!
Of interest: Read a full-length biography of Deborah Alcock's life here!

Crushed Yet Conquering  by Deborah Alcock
This tale of Constance and Bohemia will be under our BOHEMIA section at our table (One Covenant, Many Countries) at the Conference; also at the Inheritance Publications booth.

"A gripping story filled with accurate historical facts about John Huss and the Hussite wars.  Hardly any historical novel can be more captivating and edifying than this book."

This, the first Deborah Alcock book I read, has continued to be one of my very favorites of hers. Due to its length and heavy historical content, it is most suited for older children's reading; but all can enjoy it. 

The Spanish Brothers by Deborah Alcock

"He could not die thus for his faith.  On the contrary, it cost him but little to conceal it.  What, then, had they which he had not?  Something that enabled even poor, wild, passionate Gonsalvo to forgive and pray for the murderers of the woman he loved.  What was it?"

This well-written story portrays an intriguing story where two devoted brothers plan to find their long-lost father.  While the one brother, Carlos, went off for training to be a priest, the other, Juan became a soldier.  Read of their adventures and, ever more so, of their faith as they face persecution during the time of Spanish Inquisition. One of the most colorful and dramatic of Deborah Alcock's books, this is my sister Jessie's favorite along with Dr. Adrian (see below). And one of my favorite as well.

Done And Dared In Old France by Deborah Alcock
Inheritance Publication's Huguenot Inheritance Series #7
Read of the faith and courage of 10-year-old Gaspard who flees from France to England.  Captivating, inspiring, and historically accurate, this exciting book tells the story of a young boy of Huguenot family  who, captured by salt-smugglers, attempts to join his family in England. The famous (historic) Claude Brousson plays an important part in the life of (fictional) Gaspard. 

Doctor Adrian:  A Story of Old Holland
Doctor Adrian by Deborah Alcock
Through unexpected circumstances, scholar Doctor Adrian became involved in supporting the Protestant cause.  In this book, you will feel the tragedy of the Seige of Leyden as the Dutch felt it, understand the hope those same citizens experienced when William of Orange (William the Silent) came to succor them, and feel the personal turmoil in the life of the fictional Dr. Adrian....This inspiring, exciting story is a tale of his conversion.  Along with The Spanish Brothers, this is my sister Jessie's favorite. 

The Baron of Salgas; The Cross and The Crown; The Carpenter of Nimes by Deborah Alcock and Sabine Malplach

THE BARON OF THE SALGAS, A True Huguenot Story by Sabine Malplach  AND:
THE CROSS AND THE CROWN & THE CARPENTER OF NIMES, Two Huguenot Stories by Deborah Alcock

Three tales of the the danger faced by the Huguenots of France, involving family relations, imprisonment, and escapes. Although I own this book, I have hardly read it as of yet....it looks very good though!

By Far Euphrates: A Tale on Armenia in the 19th Century
By Far Euphrates by Deborah Alcock

This is one of Deborah Alcock's best. It is incredibly moving since it takes place in the 19th century, a time when the majority of the western world was living in ease and prosperity! In writing his, Deborah Alcock studied so in depth the trials of the Armenian christians and heard so many heart-renching stories from a missionary friend who had been there that not only did she sum up the horrors of the massacres in Armenia with this simple sentence in the book: “We will not read about this subject; we will not think of it.  It is too horrible. … We cannot take up this burden in addition to the rest.  It would sink us.”; but she also became very ill from the strain of putting herself in the place mentally of these suffering Armenian Christians. Of all her books, this one touched her life the most deeply since the tragedies had been played out during her lifetime. Her goal with this book in fact was to bring to the light the martyrdom of the Armenian christians, and to raise money for the widows, orphans and mutilated survivors of the massacres! Although this could be an incredibly gruesome book, I think Miss Alcock did a marvelous job of showing only what could be stomached by us weak people of the western world! 

Again....if you like books by G.A.Henty, Ballantyne, Robert Louis Stevenson, Douglas Bond or Lamplighter Publishing books....I trust you will love these just as much. And I totally recommend substituting these  historical fiction books for any non-christian historical fiction or fiction and definitely fantasy books you now have on your shelves!....ENJOY.

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